Post: Discovering the coastal serenity of boho beach houses


In recent years, the concept of a serene, chic and eclectic coastline residence has captivated many homeowners and interior designers. Merging two popular design styles – coastal and bohemian – these homes represent a perfect mix of comfort, light, and carefree living. If you’re wondering how to achieve this look in your home, let us guide you through the essential elements and inspirations behind the captivating boho beach house.

The essence of coastal serenity

Many of us have dreamed about living near the sea, being surrounded by the sound of crashing waves, and feeling the cool breeze on our skin. The Coastal aesthetic brings a sense of serenity and relaxation indoors, creating an atmosphere that is calm, inviting and natural. Elements such as muted tones, organic materials, and minimalistic furniture piece together a dreamy setting reminiscent of serene beach landscapes.

Color palette: cool and tranquil

When it comes to selecting a color scheme for your home’s interior, the trick is to remain true to the coast and its surroundings. Opt for a soft, gentle arrangement of colors like ocean blues, sandy beiges, and crisp whites. Additionally, pastel hues can add warmth and playfulness to space, while deep marine shades provide depth and contrast.

Natural materials: embracing textures

One key aspect of achieving the coastal serenity within your home lies in the choice of materials. Organic textures, maritime décor, and tactile surfaces set the tone for a relaxing environment. Natural fibers like linen, jute, and cotton are appealing choices for upholstery and window treatments, while driftwood, seashells, and beach stones make for unique decorative items.

The bohemian touch

Introducing a dash of bohemian flair into your coastal home brings an air of cultural eclecticism and artistic expression. Boho-inspired spaces are defined by their abundance of layered textures, handcrafted elements, vibrant patterns, and global design influences. Adding a few carefully chosen pieces to your home can elevate it from simply chic to effortlessly extravagant.

Furniture: a stylish blend

Incorporating the bohemian spirit into your furniture involves playing with various styles, shapes, and designs. Combining minimalist beach house essentials with plush velvet chairs or eclectic accent tables strikes a beautiful balance between simplicity and complexity.

Patterning and artwork: personal reflections

Injecting color and pattern into your space helps create visual interest and stimulates creative nuances. Bohemian interiors rely heavily on one-of-a-kind accents, global-inspired textiles, and artisanal elements that reflect personal histories and journeys. Experiment with wall hangings, intricate tapestries, and eye-catching rugs to transform your space further.

Don’t hesitate to showcase your collection of books, photographs, and memorabilia as they contribute to the narrative element which is so essential to all boho-chic homes.

Combining both worlds

A harmonious fusion between coastal serenity and bohemian charm requires careful consideration of design principles, color schemes, textures, and overall balance. A successful interior will evoke feelings of peace, warmth, and togetherness without being confined to a specific style or ruleset.

Main living spaces

Your living room can become the focal point of your boho beach house by striking a perfect balance between simplicity and opulence. Create inviting sitting areas dressed with cozy throw pillows, soft chunky-knit blankets, and an assortment of different seating designs, keeping the color palette toned down.

Add visual interest to the room with layered rugs or floor cushions that bring in sumptuous patterns while maintaining a neutral backdrop. Complete the space with artfully arranged plants and a textured gallery wall that channels both seaside serenity and a touch of bohemian creativity.

Bedrooms: peaceful sanctuaries

The bedroom offers an opportunity to create a truly personal retreat, filled with calming colors, luxurious fabrics, and plush textiles. A soft, muted color palette with gentle blues, greens, and creams maintains a coastal atmosphere. Layer up the bed with botanical prints, kantha quilts, and faux fur throws for maximum comfort and a touch of bohemian allure.

Complete the sanctuary feel by incorporating greenery and perhaps a hanging chair adorned with soft pillows to create the ideal reading nook or relaxation corner.

Achieving harmony

Achieving the perfect blend of coastal chic and bohemian eclecticism can be a rewarding design endeavor. Although it requires thoughtful planning and execution, the end result is a home that exudes relaxation, warmth, and character – a place you are proud to call your sanctuary from the bustling world outside.