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The essence of the rose is released when the rose bush has been pruned and pruned until the bud has opened into the bloom..the split second between the bud and the rose is known only to those who become roses.
The Last Barrier by Reshad Feild


It is with some trepidation that I begin this very personal story of the Goddess Kundalini awakening in me. To speak so publicly about such an intensely private process is difficult, but it also fills me with a sense of awe and gratitude that I am able, through the wondrous technology of the internet, to speak to you, the reader, who may also be going through a bewildering series of symptoms and emotional upheavals due to the release of an intense pranic awakening.

I felt very alone when this process began. In searching for help, I realized that there are few people who are knowledgeable about the deeper aspects of the changes that occur once Kundalini has been released from her sleeping position at the base of the spine, and there are few books written about the personal aspects of such a cataclysmic event in one's life. If my story will help any of you feel a little less alone, then the hesitation I feel over being so public will offset my fears.

As I am writing this story, I remember how, for years, my mother wrote her own stories in stenographers' notebooks, which were tucked away in a bottom drawer in her bedroom. When she died, I looked for them - hoping that I would get a chance to read what she had written - but they were gone, never to be shared with anyone. It is now a few days before I will send this story out into the universe and I have this dream:

"My Mother has been at a workshop on Kundalini which I organized. Unfortunately, I forget to bring her home and she can't find her own way back. A man brings her to my door, opens it, and gently pushes her into my apartment. I feel so badly for her and for forgetting her. She is cold and a little frightened so I hold her; then I put her to bed and get in beside her to keep her warm."  
Cathy Woods  

Inner and World Peace A collection of articles on kundalini Kundalini Resource Guide Kundalini Glossary
   Cathy Woods Vancouver BC Canada